Update on COVID-19

Parks District Planning

Support Off-Leash Area Funding

Our Off-Leash Areas exist

to keep our parks open!

because of your donations.

Help us help you.

Come and play with us! We have fun events throughout the year for people and their pups. By just drinking beer, getting dressed up for a pup costume contests and even a dog parade, you can support our efforts and have a blast doing it!

Whether you use our current off-leash areas or hope to get more off-leash, your  donations go a long way. We not only maintain off-leash areas, but are behind the scenes fighting for more off-leash. We can’t do it without your support!

Your voice can make all the difference. City officials need to know that dog owners are a powerful force, together. When you speak up for off-leash, you are joining a growing group of voices who will not allow the city to continue to ignore our needs.

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