COLA Has Kicked Off Its Summer Tour!

Yesterday, three members of COLA’s board set up shop in Genesee Off-Leash Area for four hours on a grey Sunday morning, and talked to hundreds of you about your concerns and hopes for [...]


Wading Pools in Seattle Dog Parks… Not so much!

So as the weather gets warmer, we know your dogs get hot, hot, hot in Seattle’s off-leash areas. The radiant heat near the ground makes them even hotter than we feel up at 5-6 feet off the [...]


Dog Humping Dispute Leads to Human Assault at Seattle Dog Park

Often the problems at dog parks are not the dogs, but the humans, as we saw this week at Plymouth Pillars off-leash area, where the humping of a mini poodle led to an all out brawl, from the [...]


COLA Dog Park Tour!

As a part of our revitalization, COLA volunteers are coming to a dog park near you — to hear your input, share our plans, and recruit new members to enable us to enrich your dog’s [...]


Pet First Aid – Just in Case!

Pet first aid refreshers! Click for a quick infographic for Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs Click for more info on Pet CPR


Off-Leash Dog Park Possibility in Smith Cove

Public opinion to shape Smith Cove Park By Eric Mandel, Staff Reporter Tuesday, April 07, 2015 10:26 AM The Friends of Smith Cove Park group has started planning to transform the park, with a [...]


What Makes Dogs Fight?

COLA has been working behind the scenes to improve signage in Seattle’s dog parks, and now are about to begin production on new signs for the entrance of every park! To do this, we worked [...]


Back Home to Nest at Marymoor Park

This article in the Seattle Times is of interest to Seattle dog off-leash advocates, interested in having more off-leash areas.  Though Marymoor is not a dog park that COLA manages, many times, [...]


When will the water come back on?

Have you ever wondered why your dog park’s water is turned off in winter? Parks starts turning water on in 450 built locations beginning in late March, early April (last frost date April [...]