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As the coronavirus impacts our community, we know dog parks are probably not at the top of your mind. However, we’ve gotten some questions over the past few days that we want to answer more widely.

Dog parks are open

The off-leash areas are not subject to Seattle Parks and Recreation’s recent playground/play area closure. The parking lot at the Magnuson is closed, but the OLA is still open for those in the area.

Just because the dog parks are open doesn’t mean it should be business as usual. Given the lack of off-leash space in Seattle, dog parks are often crowded and so we need to work together to keep each other safe. With this in mind, COLA is suggesting:

  • Consider other options, like mentally exercising your dog with training. If the dog park is crowded when you arrive, go on a leashed walk instead.
  • As always, follow the CDC’s guidelines. Give each other plenty of space (at least six feet!) when at the dog parks, and when entering/leaving. Wash your hands before and after going to the dog park.
  • Minimize crowding by visiting at off-hours, and by having one family member exercise the dog instead of the entire family, when possible.
  • Be mindful of what you touch in the off-leash areas, including gates and waste can lids. If you have wet wipes, bring one to wipe down the gate latches.
  • Do not pet other people’s dogs.
  • If your dog likes other dogs and/or people a little too much and you sometimes need to pull them away, or your dog doesn’t have good recall, don’t bring them to the dog park.
  • If you feel sick, don’t come to the dog park.

You can find the most recent park status information on the Seattle Parkways website.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Your Friends at COLA

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