How do I report an incident in a Seattle OLA?

If you or your pet have been victims of aggressive behavior displayed by another animal, call the Seattle Animal Shelter immediately at (206) 386-7387 (press 7). When calling to report an incident, please have as much information as possible including description of animal and owner, address of owner, and/or license plate of owner.

Where can I run my dog off-leash in Seattle?

We have fourteen Off-Leash Areas (OLAs) in Seattle, thirteen of which are run by COLA, in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation. Check them out here: OLAs.

How do we get more off-leash areas in Seattle?

COLA has worked with the city for nearly 20 years on this exact issue. The best option is to join our organization and rally our troops to lobby for the site you think would work. We are experts in site selection criteria, advocacy, and staying with the cause for the years it takes.

Some dogs that come into the OLA I go to are aggressive, what can be done?

COLA has an education committee with big plans for the coming years; some owners just need more information on how dogs react to the freedom of being off-leash. Packs are complicated groups to join — join us in providing more info to Seattle dog owners. However, actual aggression has to be handled via Seattle Animal Control — or police if you are in danger. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you ever feel afraid.

What’s the best way to support my off-leash area?

Depends on your resources. Financially, COLA will use donations specifically for your OLA, or for citywide needs, as you designate. Also, however, every off-leash area in Seattle has regular work parties at which you can put your muscles to work for the dogs! Better than crossfit! Check out our Forums to find out when your next work party is!

Are donations Tax-Deductible?

Yes, your contributions are tax-deductible. Our Federal ID# is 91-1682685.

My company has matching charitable donations. Do you work with such services?

Yes, if your company offers matching donations you can contribute through your workplace. We will work with your company or its matching funds service to facilitate this. Thank you!

Is it the Parks Department or COLA who is responsible for making improvements to the off-leash areas?

The Parks Department is responsible for providing routine maintenance to the off-leash areas. COLA acts as the officially-recognized steward group to the Parks Department, which means COLA meets with Parks quarterly to address maintenance and other issues related to the off-leash areas. Once issues are identified as necessary action items, Parks is responsible for the actual implementation. However, recent budget cuts in city departments – including the Parks Department – have forced COLA to shoulder the financial burden of improving the OLAs.

I see new benches in the parks with small plaques – how can I donate a bench?

Benches can be donated to your favorite off-leash area by contacting COLA via email or by phone. Since there is a limited amount of space and/or need for benches at certain parks, this program may be discontinued once the limit has been reached.

Are there any new off-leash areas being proposed?

Yes! There is a very active campaign to open off leash areas in many neighborhoods. Please refer to the News section of the website for up-to-date information on all these projects.

How do I start a new off-leash area in my neighborhood?

COLA has a committee specifically created to help communities with the process of creating new off-leash areas. If you are interested in working with this committee, or have an idea for a good location, contact COLA!

How is the Magnuson Off-Leash Group (MOLG) different from COLA?

A group of users created the Magnsuon Off-Leash Group (MOLG) to concentrate their efforts on creating a permanent off-leash areas with water access at Magnuson Park. The off-leash area at Magnuson Park is under the umbrella of COLA, and MOLG is the steward group for the park. COLA supports the Magnuson Off-Leash Group’s endeavors to maintain and improve the Magnuson OLA.

How do I support Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA)?

Just head over to our donation page! Donations are the best way to support COLA’s efforts to bring more dog-friendly experiences to Seattle.

How can I find other members to discuss my ideas for our OLA with?

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