Seattle is Doing a Dog Off-Leash Master Plan This Year!

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Seattle Parks and Recreation has been asked by the Mayor and City Council for a Dog Off-Leash Master Plan this year, much like has been created for bicyclists and skate parks! This is a huge opportunity for dog owners to have their voices heard, and COLA is a participant in this process. For 18 years, COLA has advocated for every off-leash area in Seattle, and supplemented/stewarded their maintenance. This year Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Master Plan will formalize maintenance and map out strategy.

In short, this year the decision-makers of our city are planning out the next few years of growth and change to Seattle’s off-leash park system, and it is time for all of us to get involved!

Please get in touch with us if you have ideas and/or information about ways Seattle dogs and their owners can expand our access or improve our current system! A citywide survey is about to launch to inform Seattle city officials on our needs with our 150,000 dogs. Our team is diligently advocating for your needs, and reviewing the systems that govern Off-Leash Areas in cities across North America. The insights we’ve gathered will be used in analyzing Seattle’s system, and how best to meet the ever more dense population of Seattle dog owners.

Stay tuned for updates as they arise!

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