New Dog Park for Fremont?

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Several Fremont citizens have written us this month, wishing Fremont had a dog park and suggesting the park near the Troll.  Fremont residents, join your neighbors in collecting signatures that somewhere in Fremont there must be land where dogs can play, at the Troll or not, by visiting this link and posting:


Photo provided by Wikipedia, The Fremont Troll by kcline.

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  • Mary

    For many years, I have talked with any city official who would listen to me to designate a few hours a day at lower Gasworks Park (SE lawn) for offleash dogs to
    discourage canadian geese from hanging out and pooping all over the grassy field. It would be a win/win for the city and would allow park visitors to spread a
    blanket on the grassy area, without having a deal with duck poop – HUGE PROBLEM.

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