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Do you want a new dog park in your community?

Seattle Parks & Recreation has established a new process to approve future off-leash areas, and we need your help! We’re looking for local community members who are willing to catalyze their community through this new process and advocate for new legal off-leash space in Seattle.

The new process is a way to start turning under-used parkland and other city-owned parcels into dog parks based on community advocacy and feedback. Sites must:

  • not be in a historic landmark
  • not be in a natural area under active restoration
  • not create a safety issue

COLA has developed a draft list of sites throughout the city, including at least one in every council district, and we are looking for community advocates to facilitate the new process and provide local context and considerations.

The first step is getting preliminary approval from the SPR department, before developing a formal proposal which will include a site plan and a demonstration of community support. SPR’s website has more details in the “New OLA Community Proposal Process” section, and COLA will be with you along the way.

If you’re ready to get started, email us at

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