Blue Dog Pond is a wide, rectangular field perfect for throwing balls, with grassy side slopes that your dog can run up and down. There are interesting art sculptures throughout the park that make it unique, including a giant reposing “blue dog” at the entrance. As a catchment area for excess water, it can get muddy during the rainy season. It is fully fenced and has running water.

In 2008, volunteers from Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services (ACCES) came full-force to give new life to Blue Dog Park. Christina Ryan, ACCES Marketing Coordinator, became Park Steward of Blue Dog Park in March of 2008, serving until Brendan Patrick took over as Steward in 2009. Thanks to their care and dedication, Blue Dog has undergone some exciting changes! Thanks to their work, Mutt Mitts and new water bowls are available, the space is clean, holes have been filled with sand, and brush has been cleared to provide more space to roam.

At Blue Dog there were overwhelming amounts of overgrown blackberry bushes. So they brought in the big guns. We mean, Goats. To help maintain and control overgrowth in Plymouth Pillars and Blue Dog, Seattle Parks and COLA joined forces to bring in Rent-A-Ruminant/Goat Herds for Hire. The City has found it to be very cost-effective when considering how much it is to clear the land, haul the debris and dispose of it, and it saves hundreds of hours of volunteer time. The goats visited Plymouth Pillars in August and Blue Dog Pond in September of 2008.

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