Official Citywide Dog Ownership Survey!

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This July, Seattle Parks and Recreation, COLA, and the Seattle Animal Shelter have launched a citywide survey about dogs ownership in Seattle. This survey’s importance cannot be understated — it will inform the City Council-mandated Master Plan for Dogs Off-leash in Seattle, being written later this year. The more people we can get the word out to to fill out the survey online, the more influence we will have in define the future landscape for dogs in Seattle. Help shape the dialogue happening in Seattle government by taking and spreading the word about the survey with everyone who lives within Seattle city limits!

The survey results will shed light on the needs of a variety of dog ownership issues, not only those using off-leash areas, and will help direct funding and the master planning process. One in four households in Seattle have a dog, far more than have children. Let’s get them activated to tell us about the experience in this survey! Your voice can help show our Seattle’s city officials that dog owners are united in asking for more and better space to recreate with/exercise our dogs.

Tell everyone you see at the dog park!



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  • rudy harper

    People who do not have or want dogs should not be subject to unwanted encounters with other folks dogs

    • Jaldcroft

      What nonsense. You live in a city, so you’re probably going to be exposed to unwanted encounters with any number of things. That’s like saying “people who do not want or have children should not be subject to unwanted encounters with other folks’ children”, Grow up.

      • Hal

        Well said Jaldcroft!

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