Wading Pools in Seattle Dog Parks… Not so much!

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So as the weather gets warmer, we know your dogs get hot, hot, hot in Seattle’s off-leash areas. The radiant heat near the ground makes them even hotter than we feel up at 5-6 feet off the ground. But we do need to make sure everyone knows homemade solutions aren’t the solution — we can’t just bring kiddie pools into Seattle Parks.

Attached is Seattle Parks and Recreation’s official policy statement, which was formed in the best interest of your dogs’ health.

So have an extra kiddie pool in your backyard? Please don’t bring it to the dog park!

On the good news front, this year Seattle City Council has asked for a Dog Off-Leash Master Plan and COLA was named as a contributor. We are absolutely working on more water access for Seattle dogs, in a safe and planned way. Join COLA and help us get to this goal!

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