When will the water come back on?

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Have you ever wondered why your dog park’s water is turned off in winter?

Parks starts turning water on in 450 built locations beginning in late March, early April (last frost date April 15)  to tennis, ballfields, restrooms, irrigation,  ending with fountains and wading pools Memorial Day and end of school year. If we freeze during this time, things get shut off as well.   Most of Parks’ facilities need to be shut down in the fall to prevent freezing. Depending on weather/school year/scheduled and paid use/ turf recovery that starts in September. (November 15th first frost date)

We currently have few  locations with frost proof fixtures which per shops are very expensive to maintain, but the Parks Director says they will be moving that way with facility upgrades.

COLA will be seeking frost-proof renovations in the 2015 Dog Off-Leash Master Plan!

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  • Waldene

    Hi, the water is still not turned on at Blue Dog Park. Any idea when it might be?



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