Hello Seattle Dog Walkers!

Want to have a visible, positive impact within your dog park communities?  Want recognition for the contributions you already make daily in your dog parks?  Want dog walkers to be seen as the professional assets we are rather than be sneered at by people who presume we are otherwise?

COLA is acutely aware of the difficulties of the dog walker community when using Seattle Off-Leash areas, and we are sympathetic to those professionals who work to preserve the best traditions of the profession.  We come to you led by Charlotte Bontrager, the former Steward of Woodland Off-Leash Area (and fellow dog walker since 2002), having formed a true coalition of dog walkers, named WOLF.

WOLF has come together in partnership with our primary dog park supporter, the non-profit COLA (Citizens for Off Leash Areas).  

The goal of WOLF is to benefit our individual dog walking businesses by insuring our livelihoods in the face of new city regulation.  (Power in member numbers!)  WOLF improves our reputation as an industry as a whole and fosters giving back to what is not only a primary place of work for many of us, but also a public space.

If you wish to become a member, it’s quite simple.  In return, your business will get recognition for your contributions of funding and volunteerism.  Your business card will be posted prominently on the COLA website, you will receive a hat, t-shirt, or hoodie to make your commitment to excellence known to the general public, and monies raised will go directly toward COLA’s educational materials in each park, visibly marked as, “Sponsorship made possible by WOLF Professional Pack Handlers.”  

What does WOLF do for you?

  1. Last year, we fought tooth and nail (taking our cause all the way to the Mayor’s office), to ensure a pack size of 10.  The city wanted to limit us to three!  So far, so good.  Without our 56 members, we would not have had power in numbers to persuade officials of our cause.
  2. We are continuing the fight to ensure your livelihood during the creation of the City Park department’s new off-leash master plan.  We are your arm of advocacy!  (Who else is fighting for you?)  Currently, we are fighting for options for an affordable certification program.  Right now, the city wants us to Pay $3000 to take a course through UW to run our businesses legally.
  3. We are working to get a professional pack handler dedicated dog park!!!
  4. Free advertising!  Free business listing on the COLA website! This reaches hundreds of COLA supporters daily!
  5. Being a WOLF member sets you apart.  It comes with responsibility but it also comes with prestige you can be proud of!  You are adding to the positive image of professional pack handlers through higher standards of practice.  Funding generated by WOLF will sponsor the COLA Education Program.  WOLF will be prominently displayed as an important sponsor on all informational fliers, brochures, signs, and in classes.  WOLF will help raise the general “IQ” of dog park users.  It’s a win all around!

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