Follow these 4 easy steps to become a WOLF member:

1) Annual Donation.

Please give a yearly donation of the amount you feel you can and should give.  Any amount above $85 per person makes you a WOLF pack member.  WOLF dues apply to individuals.  For businesses with employees or independent contractors, please increase your donation to cover each human.


a. Go to Booster to pay your annual fee and get your WOLF gear! (We will make these items available at a later date for those who have already paid their membership dues if you would like more than one item).


b. Or, make your tax deductible WOLF annual donation.
Add your business! On the general COLA member sign up page, you’ll see a button for WOLF.  You will then have the option of uploading your logo or business card to the COLA business advertisement page.

c. If you wish to pay by check, please make it out to COLA and mail your check to:  Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA), PO Box 17469, Seattle, WA. 98127.  Note that it is for WOLF!
Your “donation” of $85 will be your dues.


2) Credentials:

Each member must provide an email to which includes the following:

  • Business license numbers (city and state).
  • Liability insurance policy number and company.
  • A sentence saying you agree to adhere to WOLF best practices and Seattle City Rules for Off-leash Areas to the best of your ability (see below).

Adhering to WOLF best practices will be based on the “honor system” only. Although the general public and our peers are always watching us, there will be no official monitoring of WOLF member activities.  

3) Community Service
WOLF members must participate in at least one quarterly, WOLF sponsored work party of 4 hours per year. 4 hours per year! That’s it!

4) Bi-Annual Fundraising Event
Finally, members will be encouraged to participate in the WOLF bi-annual fundraising campaign.  Twice per year, we’ll provide a postcard describing our program asking for donations.  Just send or leave this card for your clients.  Easy!  

How will this help you to be more visible and successful?

We expect Animal Control to recognize WOLF members, and realize quickly that these pack handlers are valued members of the dog park society!

Your business card will be listed on the COLA website, with a link to that site prominently posted around all the dog parks.

For your annual dues, you will receive a WOLF vest, hat, t-shirt, or hoodie that will bring POSITIVE attention to your service to the dog park anytime you wear it!

Your participation in WOLF will help to promote professional pack handlers as contributors rather than users.  It will spread a positive image about us as a whole.  You will experience fulfillment and pride knowing you are giving back to your park, worksite, and community.

Finally, note the disclaimer on the WOLF mission and best practices page.  WOLF is not designed to serve as an endorsement for our individual businesses.  It is not to serve as a reflection of how we treat our dogs, clients, or about running our businesses.  WOLF is simply an organization designed to foster giving back to our park and to help spread a positive image through visible contributions.

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