The Woodland Park off-leash area is almost a full acre of hilly ground covered in a canopy of pine trees. Amenities include an information kiosk, running water, benches, a picnic table and a good supply of tennis balls! The hills are great for exhausting your dog with a game of fetch, and if they tire of the dog area, put ’em on leash for a stroll around Green Lake, just down the hill.

Over the past few years, it had become clear that there were issues with erosion on the hills, build-up of woodchips along the fence, and the generally muddy conditions in the winter. In 2012, a core group of dedicated volunteers have terraced key areas to eliminate erosion.  Through a partnership with Seattle Parks and several hundred tons of gravel the park has been transformed and mud and doggy doo is a thing of the past.   Our sincere thanks to everyone who continue to volunteer their time or donate money to this cause – we hope you enjoy the improvements to this fabulous park! 

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